About us

The best proof of our effectiveness is our work.

Where others see difficulties, we see opportunities.

Mercaton Sicav is specialized investor, catering to the needs of entrepreneurs, investors, banks, and creditors during times of financial distress. Our purpose is to rejuvenate struggling companies and optimize the value of their assets.

Furthermore we support companies to manage the challenges of ambitus growth or Buy out situations.

Mercaton SSF aims to deliver a platform for undervalued projects by providing:

  • Funds for investments in difficult projects, restructurings and turnarounds
  • Team of experienced managers to implement restructurings
  • Team of lawyers specializing in “under stress” operations
Operational and financial restructuring The fund strategy looks to negotiate with various creditors, with the aim of improving a target company’s financial well-being, reinforced by making necessary operational and strategic changes.
Unique investment opportunities The fund seeks opportunities to invest in projects where other investors see difficulties.
Activist approach The funds hands on approach, like activist investors, is focused on providing support to target companies. This requires a fundamental shift in direction, with the intent of increasing company value, by making changes to; management structures, strategy and business objectives.
Turnarounds and bankruptcies The funds major point of focus, is towards turnaround and bankruptcy cases. With such situations, the fund engages in the process of recovery and stabilisation, using a hands-on approach.
Interim management In difficult situations, where traditional managers are unable to steer a company, our experience enables us to carry out the most difficult restructuring tasks, by implementing interim management.
Asset stripping and Hollow-outs Companies undergoing restructuring or bankruptcies, often own valuable assets. These, when skilfully vended, can prove to yield higher returns than traditional methods. Our strategy, looks to capitalises on such opportunities.
Other restructuring activities


Paweł has experience from leading global financial institutions, holding key positions in risk management, asset management, and investment banking in Europe. His significant accomplishments include leading over 20 successful restructuring initiatives, mergers, and acquisitions for Swiss funds, encompassing both private equity and debt, with a combined value exceeding 75 billion euros. Holding qualifications as a professional risk manager and approved alternative investment analyst, Paweł’s expertise, coupled with his entrepreneurial experience, makes him a valuable asset at Mercaton SSF. His substantial experience in restructuring entities in Poland, combined with his residence in Zurich, further strengthens his diverse skill set. Due to his rich background, Paweł is exceptionally suited for the role of Chief Risk Officer.


Tomasz, prior to joining Mercaton SSF, demonstrated managerial and investment expertise across various industries, including recycling, catering services, food production, IT, and gaming. Often involved from their inception, projects he co-developed currently generate over 200 million euros in revenue and provide employment for over 800 individuals. Since 2010, Tomasz efficiently managed financing in capital markets, exceeding the threshold of 120 million euros across more than 50 projects at various developmental stages. With a unique ability to identify business opportunities and effectively execute asset acquisitions, Tomasz operates in Poland, where he has built a rich network of contacts. He is a driving force behind SSF, considering this endeavor as a central element of his professional pursuits in the coming years. Due to his extensive experience and past accomplishments, Tomasz is well-positioned to assume the role of Chief Operations Officer.


Kurt, a German national residing in Niederuzwil, Switzerland, holds a Business Administration degree from Saarland University and is a certified CPA in Germany. With a background in auditing asset management and banks, he has extensive expertise in company valuation and managing businesses in special situations. Kurt has worked with prominent firms such as Treuarbeit Luxembourg, Wollert & Elmendorf Deutsche Industrie Treuhand (later Deloitte), and Mummert & Partner. He has served as a financial advisor, CFO, and played a crucial role in managing the Covid crisis shutdown for Chan Group, Alpha B Holding AG, and CCare AG. In recent years, Kurt has been involved in structuring investment processes for start-up investments at The Factor Y and supervised AIF funds as an accounting team leader at Caceis Fund Services.