Where other’s see difficulties, we see opportunity

Who we are?

Mercaton SSF strives to be the region’s premier specialized investor, catering to the needs of entrepreneurs, investors, banks, and creditors during times of financial distress. Our purpose is to rejuvenate struggling companies and optimize the value of their assets. We seek investment opportunities where we can apply strategic approach to navigate adverse events or trends, enabling the revival of businesses and the release of asset value.


years of

Mercaton SSF seeks non-standard investments, such as: restructuring, turnaround, post-bankruptcy assets, distressed corporate debt, and also takes supplementary positions, where investment targets have fallen into financial hardship.

What have we done?

Get to know some examples of investments from our portfolio.

According to our business angel…

Skilled in exceptional situations, it can give symmetrically exceptional results – both for a company that found itself in a difficult situation and for investors. At Mercaton SFF, we approach projects from a crisis management perspective, built on our professional long-standing experience, and industry know-how.

Tomasz Nietubyć